Saturday, December 1, 2018

#43 Smart Phone!

    Ha! Both of the girls cheapy tracfones (?) gave up the ghost. My stupid little flip phone is/was okay but we have been forced into the 21st century. They have Mac (Apple) everything so they got i-phones - different types for each one but my daughter is a graphic designer and a tech nut.

    Because my laptop with windows can make me cry, the girls asked the guy at AT&T what phone would be good for a 70 year old who is technologically incompetent. So! I now have a Samsung Galaxy J3 (aka Galaxy Express Prime 3) So far I've managed to get some phone numbers in and tried taking a picture that is now my wallpaper. The thing makes me nervous. I'm afraid of hitting the wrong thing and downloading something super expensive that I was just curious about and didn't want to actually buy.

    The trials and tribulations of being thrust into the world of technology without a tether. It's kind of exciting but at the same time it's a bit scary. My whole life I seem to have been just wandering around without a clue. More than once kind people have rescued me - in airports, Grand Central Station, bus stations and inside buildings of importance ( like government places & medical places ) . Guess that it's the look of total confusion combined with absolute terror that prompts people to help me.

    I feel like such an idiot most of the time. Well - got to do laundry. Later! 👋

Thursday, November 22, 2018

#42 Turkey Day

    Happy Thanksgiving! Actually, a food related holiday means very little to me. I think that we are not having turkey, which is fine with me. I only really like the leftover cold turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. Maybe a coffee brandy. Thanksgiving was always fun with family and chaos and a big variety of other peoples cooking efforts. 

    Thanksgiving to me is a PAID HOLIDAY !  I might be able to pay my bills without juggling payments around. I have to be at work at 4AM tomorrow - it took four and a half hours to set the Black Friday sale last night. So many items that no one in their right minds would buy and so many of the things that they will buy are on a regular sale. 

    Cyber Monday has just about completely wiped out Black Friday and our corporate office hasn't figured it out yet.

  Anyway, I'll come rant some more later.  I am really super depressed during holiday season. So tired of this game of life.   

Monday, November 12, 2018

#41 Sick Me

    Had to leave work early today. I was feeling fine until I was suddenly overcome with the symptoms of the severe cold that the girls have been suffering from. It apparently was keeping a low profile until it could attack me at an unguarded moment.I think that I scared people. Cold sweats and weakness in an old lady makes people nervous!! They kept asking me if I was certain that it wasn't my diabetes (hypoglycemia ) and they wheeled me out in a wheel chair to my ride.

    Going to stay home tomorrow - still taking a few trips to the bathroom and feel crummy. 

    found a new author that I am immersed in.  R.J. Blain is an excellent writer. 

   Oh! I got my daughter an app for doing the Family Tree for her birthday. She is really becoming quite enthralled with the project. She's traced some family members back to  (I think she said this) the 1400's but maybe it was the 1700's. She's found several sites that share information and is into all sorts of stuff about the people of the past!  

    I don't recall ever getting quite so enthused about anything for a long time.Reiki as the last time. I am even certified. But depression makes it next to impossible to do for me at least.

Got to get some sleep - later!

Monday, November 5, 2018

#0 Busy - Busy - Busy !!

    Not really doing anything but since I work retail the work days are super full. All new management plus lots of people moving on to different jobs. I don't mind the whiners leaving but that makes more work for me without  trained help. The new management has no idea how long it takes to do some of the stuff that I do. I set the ads and put out stock. Putting out stock includes moving fixtures, putting up more fixtures and making the merchandise look good. The trouble is, the people who put back the stuff from the fitting rooms tend to dump stuff and make the fixtures not shoppable. Soooo, I have to clean up the fixtures first.

    I guess that there are problems no matter what type of work you do but this time of the year we have 2 trucks - there are always several days a month that we have to do mark-downs and general maintenance all the time ( ie. replacing tags, marking damaged stuff out of stock , finding out the price of the last item that has no tag plus ALWAYS helping the customers!!)

    I may be getting too old to do this full time. However, I have not been blessed financially and don't see retirement in the near future. 

    OH!  Waiting on word about my mammogram - haven't had one in 20 or more years. The tech back then didn't have a clue what she was doing and I ended up severely bruised. THEN they called and said that they needed me to come back because the pictures weren't good!! Never went back. Now-a-days The machine is very compact. No big x-ray thingys being slid in and out - it's apparently digital! The nurse was very knowledgeable and explained every thing very well.  AND - no bruising !!

Later - need to soak my feet - tomorrow is a truck day. 😜   

Saturday, October 20, 2018

#39 Piece of Cake

    Yep - a piece of cake - easy peasy - at least if you are young or even middle aged but 70 ? Nope - have to resort to stages.What am I talking about? Rearranging furniture. Trying to make little room work. I remember before we lost the house when I got tired of a big desk being in our little "sunroom" (it had lots of windows ... aka sunroom  up north it would have been a mudroom since it opened into the garage.) Anyway I wanted it in the spare bedroom, since we never had a use for it as a bedroom, I decided to make it a mini-office.

    My husband found a big old metal office desk at a yard sale and dragged home his prize. So, I managed to upend the thing and "walk" it through the livingroom and down the hall, discovered that I had to remove the door to get the desk in and managed to get a good start on my office/ironing room (ironing boards take up a lot of room!) AND ... I got supper ready in time!  

    Today I moved my bed because I kept running into it when using my computer, plus I had to side step around the bed to go anywhere. Now the bed is against the wall, my desk and desk chair are free to use without banging into the bed and my barrel chair, two bookcases and filing cabinet are playing maze until I can manage to find new spots for them!! 😩 

    I need a nap!! ..... and a larger room. Nap is doable. 

Saturday, October 13, 2018

#38 It's Whining Time Again

    Yeap - I feel like whining. I just feel so tired - emotionally tired. I really don't want to play this life game any more. It seems like it's always one step forward and 2 steps back. And lonely - damn is it ever lonely. I really don't want to play anymore.

    Whining is boring -- I bore myself! I was never a popular person, still not. Not sure that I could stand to be popular. I don't really like doing group things and the way some people like to "discuss and dissect " everything from movies and books to politics and religion makes me crazy. Trying to assign significant meanings to every little thing. Sometimes there is no deep meaning. Sometimes a painter uses orange because he ran out of brown or a writer just likes a certain phrase and over uses it. 

  Sometimes crazy old ladies just babble - no tower required. (Tower of Babel ...  forget it) Well, good news (for me at least) is that I feel somewhat better. The shorter attention span that I have lately occasionally is beneficial! I'm not happy but I'm no longer crying on my keyboard.

    Well, work tomorrow - Later!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

#37 Windows 7!

    Seriously - at work we have Windows 7 - for real! Somewhere on this planet there is a person who has a bicycle hooked up to a generator so that he can pedal a charge to run his laptop and and he DOESN'T HAVE WINDOWS 7 !!!  I also think that we are only a quarter of a step up from a dial-up connection. Remember dial-up? You could set the pc to load a page then go and make a sandwich before it finished loading.

    If I thought that I could get full time someplace else,then I'd quit. I only know retail and retail no longer likes to hire full time. I got in a couple of years before nobody wanted full time employees. I've been with this company for 12 years and just got a raise to $11.50 per hour - TWELVE Years. Several of my much younger fellow workers have left and are starting - STARTING - at $12.00 an hour. They are not full time. I require full time.

    Just felt like whining.